Bowdentube printhead connector


As I´m not a friend of the original connection between the bowden tube and the printhead I tried out the design from Abel. But after a lot of printhours the part did not withstand the forces of the bowden system. Also it is not made for 1/4″ fittings. So I did a new design.

Main advantages are more strength and the possibility to use a 1/4″ fitting. 

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On the right you can see Abels design compared to my new one.

I made the bottom plate 5mm so you don´t need the spacers anymore. For fixing the fitting ring into the top I used old filament which I bended with a soldering iron. 


nozzletemp.: 215°C 

Bedtemp.: 60°C 

Layer Hight: 0.1mm

Wall Thickness: 0.8mm

Print Speed: 80mm/s

Infill: 70%


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